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I Am A Retired Veteran
By Norman E. Hooben
USAF, MSgt, Retired

I am a retired veteran of the United States Armed Forces
Now I am a member of We The People…just words

During my active duty years I’ve seen war and rumors of war
I protected We The People…just words

I fought for God and country
Blessed by We The People…just words

The path I chose was
The road not taken by We The People….just words

They were the best years of my life
Unbeknown by We The People…just words

The hardships I endured
Will never be shared by We The People…just words

For over two score years in uniform
Now I dress as We The People….just words

Time moves on and I’m here to say
Freedom is not free for We The People….just words

When it was said that old soldiers never die
They just fade away by We The People….just words

When the time has come and my years are spent
I’ll be buried by We The People….just words



On Mar 17, 2007, an anti-war demonstration took place in Washington D.C. and thanks to the Gathering of Eagles, veterans outnumbered the cowardly anti-war and America hater groups. To watch a slide show of this demonstration....CLICK HERE


Another Support our Troops Demonstration planned for May 26 in Washington. The National Park Service has granted a permit to Rolling Thunder to sponsor a "Support our Troops" demonstration on the Henry Bacon Drive field adjacent to the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday May 26, 2007. Click on banner above for details.


. . . . And May We Never Ever Forget

And, They Call Islam A Religion???!!!

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