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Dedicated to the men and women who have demonstrated their patriotism and love of freedom through their heroic efforts during Operations Enduring Freedom & Iraqi Freedom.


Presented in the Hall of Heroes:

Decorations Listing - Recipients of the Medal Of Honor, Air Force Cross, Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross, and Silver Star medals for Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.

Why Don't We Hear About These Guys? - Great story about the unselfish heroism of Sgt. Rafael Peralta.

Fallujah Fight - Great story about the fight for Fallujah, told by the first tank commander entering the city. This is great reading.

Links & Clips Worth Looking At

For The Soldiers - A music video tribute to the men & women of our Armed Forces - by Zed Daniels III.

Marine's Car Damaged By Anti-Military Lawyer - If this doesn't make your blood boil, nothing will.

New prosthetic arm for veterans - This is amazing.

Remember Me - Another great video that may bring a tear to your eye.

Hancock Potrait - God bless this lady!

Veteran's Day - In Remembrance - A number of slide shows honoring soldiers who dies in Iraq and Afghanistan. Very moving.

Happy 231st Birthday to the United States Marine Corps!

The Real Story - What's really happening in Iraq - what the Bush haters and liberals do not want you to see.

Media Exposed Again - For anyone you know who might still believe that the media is not spinning the news in order to discredit Bush...and in the process are aiding and abetting the terrorists....look at this.

Michael Fumento On Patrol - With the 1st Battalion, 506th Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division in Ramadi. This is an excellent account of what the battle conditions are really like in Iraq - includes many videos.

Take A Moment - Please go to this site and see this. This man needs all the help we can give him.

Thank You America Video - Excellent video at

The Best Commercial Ever Made - Play the clip, and I think you'll agree.

An Interview With God - A very well done Flash presentation.

A Tribute To Our Armed Forces - A tribute to our armed forces in a Flash presentation by the GCS Corp. It takes a while to load, but be patient - it's worth it.

Ricky Skaggs Armed Forces Tribute - A flash presentation with music from Ricky Skaggs with an overlay of a little girl talking to her Dad who is a soldier.

Moving Tributes To Our Fallen Troops - A number of slide shows, put together by family and friends honoring soldiers who died in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is very moving and can rip your heart out.

Before You Go - This moving tribute does more than salute those who fought in WWII. It encourages people to go out of their way to thank the aging warriors before they die.

Saddam's Terror Training Camps - New documents found in post-war Iraq confirm earlier reports that Saddam Hussein actively funded and trained Islamic terrorists.

Where The WMDs Went - Did Iraq really have WMDs? One of the UNSCOM inspectors says they did. If you have doubts about their existence, read this - excellent reading and insight.

The Last Mile Home - A short documentary about 3700 Americans who were imprisoned by the Japanese in the Santo Tomas Internment Camp in Manila, Philippines during the Japanese occupation 1942-1945. These were men, women, and children who experienced horrible conditions; many starved to death, however they were finally freed on Feb 3rd 1945. This link is to a short video made to honor those men, women, and children as they were freed and returned home to the United States.

More Recent Articles

First Sioux to Receive Medal of Honor - Six decades after his gallant actions and 26 years after his death, Sgt. Woodrow Wilson Keeble will be the first full-blooded Sioux Indian to receive the Medal of Honor.

A View From The Front - An excellent article explaining the current operations and strategy in Iraq. Well worth reading.

Iraq Boy Seeks Shelter Behind U.S. Soldier - Some news photos are so rich in symbolism they're almost like Renaissance paintings in how much they communicate.

A Letter From Iraq - I thought it was a good idea to let you all know what the perspective is over here. I'm tired of hearing the media's skewed version, the politicians squabbling over what they read in a report, and the average ill-informed American ranting about things he knows NOTHING about.

An Open Letter To John Kerry - An excellent open letter [written by a retired USAF MSgt] to John Kerry, addressing his "phony apology" to the troops over his callous remarks about military being comprised of uneducated individuals.

The Day of Reckoning - An excellent excerpt about Vietnam from the book "Cheers and Tears" by Lt. Gen. Charles Cooper USMC Ret.

Probable Scenario Now That The Democrats Are In - Consider these predictable consequences now that the democrats are running the show. A highly probable scenario (based more on fact than fiction) written by Raymond S. Kraft. Excellent reading! Scary.

Confession by an American Coward - An essay from Pat Conroy's forthcoming book, My Losing Season.

Appeasement Never Works - An interesting, and very true, article by Ed Koch, former Democrat Mayor of NYC.

USS Midway VA-25's Toilet Bomb - A humorous story from the Vietnam War.

Let Me Get This Straight.... - An excellent article on the Israeli-Hezbollah war - from my web site.

Smile - A Marine Humvee in Iraq.

No Punches Pulled Here - A reprint from an article by J.D. Pendry, CSM Ret. - he tells it like it is! Great reading.

A History Lesson - A reprint from an article Raymond S. Kraft wrote in Oct 2004, which I believe it is still relevant today and a must read for any American doubting the war in Iraq, or what Israel is doing in Lebanon.

Letter To The New York Times - An open letter to the New York Times from a soldier serving in Iraq.

Liars - The WMD discovery exposes antiwar leftists for what they are.

Fort Carson Conference Report - This is kind of long in reading, but well worth it - lots of good stuff about what actually is happening in Iraq. You won't read any of this in the anti-war left-wing blogs, or in the mainstream media.

A Hoax in Haditha? - Link provided to an interesting article in the American Thinker.

A Visit With The President - An article by a retired USMC fighter pilot, which has some great insight into the state of mind of our President.

All-Star Shame - An article from the Washington Times, by Oliver North, with some interesting comments and insight on the defecting "Clinton Appointee" Generals.

Dispatch from Iraq: A tiny bit of comfort - A letter by Aric Catron, a National Guardsman from Onalaska, WA, wrote this letter from Baghdad, Iraq.

Hummer 3 Photos - A Marine Mom memorializes her son, and his fallen comrades, in the paint job on her new Hummer.

Two Photos Of The Year - If these two photos don't put a lump in your throat, or a tear in your eye, nothing will.

Older Articles

An Infantry Colonel’s Foxhole Report from Iraq - An eye-opening letter from an Infantry officer serving in Iraq, it represents his view of things in Iraq - which is quite different than what is reported in the media.

A Soldier Challenges The Hollywood Left - A letter from a U.S. Army Captain in regards to the exchange between actor Richard Belzer and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen ("Into the lion's den," Inside Politics, March 26, 2006).

Awesome photos of the Heroes Truck and a Painted Rock in Iowa.

The Russians Moved Saddam's WMD - The first-ever account of how Saddam Hussein "cleaned up" his weapons of mass destruction stockpiles to prevent the United States from discovering them.

A Tired Soldier's Comments - Comments from a soldier currently serving in Iraq.

Weighing The Options - Every time I hear some liberal Democrat ranting about our not providing enough armor to protect the troops I just shake my head and tell myself, that idiot’s obviously never humped a ruck in combat. Excellent article by Russ Vaughn.

Insult To Our Nations Warriors! - This insulting and despicable cartoon was recently published in the Washington Post, and it shows what the liberal left-wingers really think about our troops.

Gotta love the Marines!! - Once Marine Gunnery Sgt. Michael Burghardt realized he could wiggle his toes and fingers, he had one message for the insurgents who wounded him - defiance.

Hey Cindy Sheehan - Your 15 minutes of fame are over - the last word by the War Chick, Resa LaRu Kirkland .

A Vet Tells Off Rep's Murtha and Moran - Near the end of a moonbat townhall hosted by Reps. Jim Moran and John Murtha last week, a Vietnam veteran, General Wagner, stepped up to the microphone to deliver a message from the mother of an Iraqi war vet who gave his life for his country and for the mission.

Rep Murtha Now Working With Code Pink - The turncoat, Rep. Murtha, has now taken sides with the commie pinko organization Code Pink.

A Letter From An American Soldier - A soldier's response to the Code Pink anti-war protest outside Walter Reed Hospital.

Murtha The Turncoat - An article, and comments from Gen. Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, addressing recent comments from Representative Murtha D-Pa., a Marine Corps veteran who has become a leading voice in Congress advocating an early withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq. A sample suggested letter/email is provided if you would like to use it to send to your congressman/congresswoman.

Remaining True Blue In Iraq - Excellent article by John B. Dwyer (Washington Times - military historian), comparing the progress in Iraq over two-and-a-half years with the situations in World War II, the Civil War, and in particular The Revolutionary War.

Major Terror Plot Against U.S. Ignored - The mainstream U.S. media outlets have failed to report a major terrorist plot against the U.S. - because it would tend to support President Bush's use of NSA domestic surveillance, according to media watchdog groups.

A Story From The Front - An eye opening story about our media reporting in Iraq, from a Marine stationed near the Syrian border.

A Story From Iraq - A heart warming story about a little girl, and her toy, written by a Marine in Iraq.

What Went Wrong? - Some interesting facts about the Muslim World population, written by a Muslim.

Force Multipliers - A new poem from Russ Vaughn, and a couple new political cartoons, that pretty much hits the nail right on the head.

The New Cowboy Hero - Remember Gary Cooper in High Noon? Well, a viewer sent me a photo of the new modern cowboy hero, and he's the baddest cowboy in town.

Jane Fonda Calls U.S. Troops "Killing Machines" - First, Kerry refers to our troops as "Terrorists, " now Hanoi Jane refers to our troops as "Killing Machines," committing atrocities against innocent civilians!

Military Survivors Benefits Lacking - Excellent reading from an old article by Rush Limbaugh, comparing the benefit disparity between 9/11 and military survivor benefit recipients.

Professor Urges Fragging of U.S. Officers - This student was shocked when she got this email from a professor.

Approaching A Grim Milestone - When is it going to stop? Where's the outrage?

Paristine - Another great Russ Vaughn poem about the riots in France.

Truth From A Marine In Iraq - Excellent reading on equipment/weapons, tactics, and overall summary on the war in Iraq - as told by a Marine to his father. If you don't read anything else on this web site, READ THIS.

You're In The Navy or Marines, and Your Email Account Doesn't Work? - On October 18, The Navy & Marine Corps blocked all access to commercial email services.

Watch This Movie! - "Last Best Chance" a movie about what could happen if we don't do more to keep nuclear weapons and materials out of the hands of terrorists.

One Way To Honor The Troops Is To Stop Spreading The Idea That They Died For A Mistake - In light of the 2,000th U.S. troop death in Iraq, Oliver North sounds off on the media's treatment of the war dead.

Iraqi Vote Victory - Excellent article about the real significance of the Iraq Constitution vote and the lack of interest and total disregard from our media.

Two F15's Collide In Mid-Air - Amazing recovery by one of the aircraft, with only one wing.

The Next 9/11 Starts Today!!! - Osama’s “Great Ramadan Offensive” from October 4 – November 4, With Attacks on the U. S., Netherlands, Italy, Australia, and Russia, Will be More Spectacular than September 11 !!

What To Wear When Sen. Kennedy Gives A Speech - An absolute necessity when listening to liberals.

Kansas Senate - Opening Prayer - A number of liberal legislators walked out during the prayer

The New School Prayer - If this ain' t the truth!

Poor Grieving Cindy - These photos say it all.

Cindy Sheehan Book Signing - A photo is worth a 100 words. Check out the huge lines - Ha!

An Open Letter To Cindy Sheehan - From the Proud Father of a U.S. Marine.

A Cindy Sheehan Poem - A Useful Death - A Russ Vaughn Poem about the misguided Soldier's Mother and the media circus using her.

The Navy's Force Reduction Plan - Members of the other service branches may want to read this too, as it may affect you in the future.

Rules of Engagement - A little military humor.

Wounded Army Master Sgt Gets New Home - Master Sgt Rodriguez, and family, receive new home in the season premiere of "Extreme Makeover."

Funeral For Fallen Hoosier Brings Unwanted Guests - Protesters interrupt the funeral of one of our fallen heroes.

San Francisco & The Navy - The San Francisco City Council turns down the mooring of the USS Iowa BB-61 as a tourist attraction.

Photo Collage Of A Patriotic Family - A photo collage of a family's "welcome home surprise" for their Marine son.

A Story About The SEALs Lost In Afghanistan - The final update from a 50 yr old LTC who has been stationed in Afghanistan for a year and is coming home this week.

Troops Second In Priority To Detainees - A Guest Book Entry by a detainee guard describing how our troops are placed below prisoners in health and welfare priorities.

Support USMC 3/25 - The hard hit Marine Reserve unit from Ohio that has lost 47 Marines in Iraq.

The Real Target - And you thought it was just our troops.

Jihad Jane - Another great Russ Vaughn poem about Jane Fonda.

Lawrence Of Iraq - Army Staff Sgt. Dale L. Horn to residents of the 37 villages and towns that he patrols he's known as the American sheik.

The Shoe Bomber's Trial Is Over - Read what the judge gave him.

Flags Memorializing Fallen Soldier Burned - This story will get you mad.

Complaint Received By the AZ Republic - It seems the flyover was more than just a training flight.

A Soldiers Commitment - The story of a great athlete and Army helicopter pilot.

Romanian Newspaper Article - One Foreigner who has us Americans pegged right.

Europe, Thy Name Is Cowardice - Article by Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Axel Springer.

President Bush Hugging Girl - Read the story behind the picture.

A Touching Letter To Grandpa - A touching story of a young boy's letter to his deceased Grandpa.

Tribute To Military Officers - A National Review article giving tribute to our military officers.

We Have The Wrong Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines & Coast Guard - A great article by Retired Navy Chief Jeff Edwards.

Ann Margret Story - A true story of a Vietnam Veteran's experience with Ann Margret.

Charlie Daniels Visit To Gitmo - Some insight into this Guantanamo bay Hullabaloo.

Ask Me If I Care About Mishandling of Koran - Another story about the Guantanamo fiasco.

To Kill An American - An Australian Dentist's piece about what an American is.

Why Am I Here? - A USMC volunteer and his story why he wants to be in Iraq.

The Final Inspection - A Soldier faces God.

America Under Attack - Some insight on why we are in Iraq.

America Needs To Wake Up! - Are we falling asleep again?

Good Things Happening In Iraq - Contrary to the liberal media, good things are happening in Iraq.

A New Statue In Iraq - A statue created by an Iraqi honoring our troops.

Have We Forgotten? - Have we forgotten 9/11 - an excellent Flash movie reminder.

MP Battalion CO's Report - A message from COL Jim Brown, written on his last night in Iraq.

Letter From A Marine Leaving Iraq - A Marine's thoughts about Iraq in his final letter before leaving.

Marine Sergeant Herbert Hancock - USMC Sniper, killing terrorists from more than 1,000 yards.

USS San Francisco Collision - The USS San Francisco SSN-711 collision with a seamount.

What The Damage From A Mk-48 Torpedo Looks Like - Check out what happens to a Destroyer when hit with a MK 48 Torpedo.

Rummy - Another Perspective - Secretary Rumsfelds visit to Iraq, just one 1SG's opinion.

The Mosque Shooting - Opinion about the Marine killing the guy in the Mosque.

Shocking Photos From Iraq - you won't see these photos in the media.

C-in-C Tribute Page

Support Our C-in-C - Support our Commander-In-Chief.

Famous Reagan Quotes & Some Photos - A tribute to the Great Communicator.

Interesting Reading

Muslim War - World Wide - An excellent article.

Al-Qaida Nukes - This is one scary article! Especially if you live in Boston, New York City, Washington D.C., Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas.

Insight Into Why The War On Terror - A Must Read.